Through Story Arts Management, Janice Pieroni provides writing, co-writing, and editing services to a national clientele of individuals, businesses, and organizations in a variety of formats--including book proposals, manuscripts, screenplays, ideas for television series, and other media. She also offers story, script, and project analysis.

Janice is skillful at guiding the development of works-in-progress, as well as at editing completed projects so that they meet or exceed professional standards. She has overseen the development of most of the projects that she has represented.

Janice is a produced and published writer who has written or co-written for Universal Studios and its affiliates, Writer's Digest, and others. She is a professional who excels at quickly absorbing new subject areas, making complex ideas understandable to a general or professional audience, managing multiple tasks simultaneously, and meeting deadlines. Janice works well independently or collaboratively.